Taking Delivery of Our New Lotus Elise

Erynn and I picked up the Elise from Fox Valley Motorcars on November 12, 2005. It was included in their first shipment of 2006 model year cars. The dealer assured me that we own the first '06 Lotus Elise in Iowa!

Here I am with Bill Jr., our dealer, as I'm about to step into the car for the first time and drive away.

Here's a profile shot of our baby in front of the dealership. We upgraded to the Touring Package, Star Shield, Traction Control (new in '06), Hard Top, Stage 2 Sport Exhaust, and Storm Titanium metallic paint.

The right, rear quarter panel.

The rear end, and the reason Erynn wanted the car. Ain't it purdy?

Here's a whole line of cars waiting to be sold. Give Bill Jr. a call. His is the bright green one near the end.

On the drive home, we stopped at Culver's for a bite to eat. The food is too good. If you eat there too much, you won't be able to fit in a Lotus.

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