Some Memories from Cleveland, Ohio (2003)


Both Erynn and I have lived in and around Cleveland for over ten years. Therefore, we have way too many memories to share with a simple web page. I've tried to catch a glimpse of the more important stuff.

We moved from Cleveland for the final time on August 8, 2003, and I thought I would share a few of our favorite places. Most of it won't mean anything to anyone but us. If you're interested, complete hi-res photo albums from our time in Cleveland can be found HERE.


The obvious place to start is the Cleveland skyline. Before we got married, I asked Erynn to take a proper photo of the skyline with her new, expensive camera she got, but I'm still waiting. I guess this photo will do. This photo was taken from the Abbey Road bridge near where we used to live.

We both went to school at Case, but we didn't actually meet until after we graduated (thank you Joe and Melissa). The left picture is the Glennan building on campus where I did most of my studies for my electrical engineering bachelor degree. I also got a bachelor degree in economics and the second picture shows the Wickenden building where that department is located.

Erynn graduated from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and this building is shown above.

After I graduated, I got a job at Keithley Instruments, and Erynn started working for University Hospitals. The picture above shows one of the sculptures on Case's campus with the Lerner Tower of the hospital in the background. There was always this legend on campus that the sculpture was meant to spell out CWRU if you looked at it the right way.

Erynn and I also got married on campus at the Amasa Stone Chapel shown above. Also, most of our wedding photos were taken in front of the Wade Lagoon with the Cleveland Museum of Art in the background. I've included the lagoon photo because it's pretty and when we got married the art museum was partly covered with scaffolding because it was being cleaned.

Erynn and I are both big fans of Frank Gehry. The Uni was fortunate enough to have a building designed by him located on campus, which was just finished in 2003. Above are a couple shots of the Peter B. Lewis Building that houses the Weather School of Management.

I bought my first house in Tremont, an up and coming neighborhood, just west of the city center. Erynn later moved in and was our first house together. We owned the center unit at 1029 Kenilworth Ave.

Our absolute favorite place to eat and hang out in Tremont was Edisons and Edisons Next Door Deli. This was probably the thing we missed most while we were in Britain.

And the thing I've spent most of my time with is rowing. I even took Erynn there on our first date (long story). Here is the WRRF boathouse where it all started. Case Crew rows out of the boathouse and is where I learned to row as a freshman. I later rowed and coached for WRRA and am now president of SARA. The two pictures show the two boathouse buildings for all the clubs.

And here is a picture of the docks.

We had about four months between the time we moved back from England to when we were to move to Chicago. Erynn's friends Jeff and Corryn did us a huge favor and let us live and store all our suff in their basement at 21920 Westwood Dr. We affectionately referred to ourselves as the Bay Village refugees.

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