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Vespas from Around the World

Below are images Vespa motor scooters I've taken from around the world. This is in hommage to my friend Joe and his love of the Vespa, which stems from his trip to Florence. In some countries I couldn't exactly find a Vespa so I took a photo of a scooter that looked similar. Otherwise, these are genuine photos of genuine Vespas from genuine cities around the genuine world. Click here to see Joe and myself during one of the funnest days we've ever had.

Lucerne, Switzerland August 24, 2001
Copenhagen, Denmark September 7, 2001
Bristol, England December 28, 2001
Bath, England January 25 and April 2, 2002
Dublin, Ireland March 11, 2002
London, England April 5, 2002
M4 Motorway, England April 7, 2002
Cadiz, Spain September 9, 2002
Munich, Germany October 18, 2002
Gozo, Malta December 16, 2002
San Francisco, California February 4, 2003
Maui, Hawaii February 10, 2003
Vienna, Austria April 4, 2003
Budapest, Hungary April 5, 2003
Cozumel, Mexico May 8, 2003
Oslo, Norway August 7, 2003
Cleveland, Ohio August 8, 2003
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica August 28, 2003
Chicago, Illinois August 29, 2004
Colebay, Sint Maarten July 19, 2005
Montreal, Canada August 6, 2005

Perfect Postcard for the Vespa Lover

And here has to be the very best postcard I've ever seen. My name is Douglas, I lived in Bristol (when I sent the postcard), and Joe loves Vespas. Perfection. And I bought it in Helsinki.

For the official Vespa website click here