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Rowing Training Information

Erg Tables with splits, ratings, and suggested pieces for your Concept 2 Indoor Rower
Basic Strength Standards - stength vs. body weight and experience level.
Indoor Rowing Training Guide - comprehensive training plan methodology from Terry O’Neill & Alex Skelton.
USRowing's Training Resource Library - comprehensive source material to build training plans.
Empire Circuits - weight circuits from the Empire Gym in Bristol, England.
UChicago Crew Midway Run that can be done anywhere.
CWRU Crew Murray Hill Run that can be done anywhere.
Sample Workouts from Concept 2 - from their Fall 2011 newsletter.
USRowing Men's Combine - inspired by the NFL Combine.
My presonal favorite: Rower's Revenge Triathlon - 4km erg, 25km cycle, 7.5km run. Can be done in any gym.
FISA Training Manual #1 (PDF 287kb)
FISA Training Manual #2 (PDF 489kb)
The Wolverine Plan Description (PDF 148kb)
The Wolverine Plan Erg Tables (PDF 202kb)
The Pete Plan
British Rowing Training Plans: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Adaptive
5 month Head of the Charles Training Plan from Nik Zanetti of the Ever Green Boat Club (Dartmouth Alumni)
Tom Bohrer has a ton of rowing-specific training info. You can even pay for some of it.
The Balance of Racing Rowing Boats

10k a Day Keeps the Competition Away...