Pictures of our second House in Cary, NC

We originally moved to Cary for Doug's job with John Deere in June 2007 from Dubuque. Our first house in the area was right on the Cary/Morrisville border and you can see photos here. Then Doug got transferred to the Deere factory in Greeneville, Tennessee in November 2008 and we bought a beautiful house in Jonesborough. We were in Tennessee less than a year and Deere sent us back to the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Instead of Deere's office in Cary, Doug now got a job in the Deere factory in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. The factory produces professional & golf course mowing equipment. Erynn was able to get her job back at the Duke Medical Center in Durham as a transplant coordinator.

After trying to sell two houses in one of the worst housing markets in history, we decided to rent on this move. We found a nice house in Park Village in Cary to rent, which is a few miles south of our other house. We moved in August 2009. The Park Village sub-division was one of the original developments that led the housing explosion in the area. The houses aren't huge, but there are a number of walking trails, mature trails and a few ponds. It's conveniently located for both of our jobs. However, it's still in Cary (a.k.a. Containment Area for Relocated Yankees)...

We moved in early August and spent a few weeks getting settled. There appear to be hundreds and hundreds of houses in the neighborhood. All of the fašades appear to be variations on a theme. The house we rented has three bedrooms and a one-car garage. The overall footprint is a bit smaller than our previous houses, but the location and price were right. The best thing about the house/neighborhood that we can park on the street and our garbage cans don't need to be behind a bush... darn HOA's.

The house has a one car garage, three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The very first thing we did once we moved in was to organize the garage so the Lotus would have a place to live. Part of that organization project was building a nice workbench with our Hitachi Power Tools. Unfortunately, like our house in Morrisville the organization was necessary because the house has almost no storage. Building new homes is all about livable floor space and adding closets, a basement or an attic does not add to the livable floor space.

The first floor has a fairly open plan. The living and dining area are connected with a counter top dividing the kitchen from the dining area. We always seem to treat ourselves to something new on each move. In Tennessee we kitted out our shed with John Deere equipment and on this move we acquired a nice Samsung LED TV just in time for the fall American football season.

The kitchen is a nice open space with plenty of cupboards for all of Erynn's gear.

On the first floor near the door to the garage is a half bath and our laundry room. Very functional, but the wall paper could use some work.

Just off the dining area is a nice deck and small back yard. The dogs were depressed for a little while because that had an awesome back yard in Tennessee. With this backyard they can't spend all day sitting on the front porch barking at everything and anything that passes buy. I'm depressed because grass will not grow in North Carolina.

We've been buying photos or prints from all of the places we've lived since getting married. We're running out of wall space.

The stairwell just off the front door reminds me of our flat in Bristol. It's open with lots of wall area for my rowing posters.

Just above the door is a flat spot that Erynn thought would be a good spot to store the URA Regatta trophies. I made the simple wooden stand for all of my regatta medals.

The second floor is also very open. It has a "bridge" that leads from the master to spare bedrooms.

Here are a couple photos from the "bridge" down to the first floor living and dining area.

One of the three bedrooms is the erg/computer room. On the right is the spare bathroom. I didn't include the other spare bedroom because it's just a bed.

The master bedroom.

The master bathroom and closet.

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